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    Hi! I'm Piper. Ive been doing tattoos for 20 years now. Growing up I was always a artist making things around the house and drawing pictures. After high school I went to The International Academy of Design in Tampa Florida. While I was there I studied Graphic Design, Commercial Arts and video production. I wanted to work on films and animations, however when I was in school all my projects kind of had a tattoo theme to them. I loved tattoos, I wanted to do tattoos but back then a female tattoo artist was rare. Until I walked into Pleaseures of the Flesh and met a amazing female tattoo artist that I got tattooed by. I came home that summer from school with some drawings and more tattoos I wanted to get. When I went back to the shop I talked to the owner and he said he would apprentice me. So I packed it up and was done with school and stayed in Fort Myers to begin my Journey. I've got to learn form a ton of amazing artists on my way up and work in some amazing shops. I opened my shop Art & Soul Tattoo 10 years ago and have been working hard ever since. If your interested in getting a custom designed tattoo hit me up, I always leave some slots open in my week to be able to get people in in between apts.   
Art & Soul Tattoo 11188 S Cleveland Ave, Ft Myers Fl 33907
239-481-5045 (text cell)
239-791-8261 Shop